Prepare the CILS B1 Cittadinanza Exam in ONLY 30 days!

Are you preparing for the CILS B1 Cittadinanza exam on Oct. 19 but don't feel prepared?

I got it!


Ciao, my name is Annalisa Consonni 🥰

I have been teaching Italian to foreigners since 2017, and more than 5,000 students from all over the world follow my lessons on YouTube.

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I write to you because I have received so many comments these days from my students who wanted help:

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And given that registration for the B1 CILS Cittadinanza exam is due in a few days.

I have decided to help you prepare for your B1 exam!

Do you want to prepare for the exam in just a few days, with a precise plan that takes you by the hand and gets you to know everything you need to know for the exam in 30 days?


Then on this page you will find what is right for you.

Please note though: Since I already have other students I’m helping with the exam, I can only accept 5 people.

So if you are interested, make sure you are within the only 5 available spots and send me your request before September 19th.

At the bottom of this page, you will find all the details about studying with me.

How will you be able to prepare for the exam in such a short time?

The program that will take you all the way through to taking the exam will consist of the following:

Step 1

Step 1

You’ll know what examiners are looking for

We will organize three 60-minutes Zoom Classes with other students who are preparing for the exam.

In these classes, I will explain what the examiners are looking for and what they will ask you to pass the test.

Step 2

I will tell you what to improve in the written part

In addition to Zoom Calls, I will give you a practice test of the written part of the test.

Thanks to a proprietary test I invented.

I will correct all the mistakes you might do in the exam. So that you can successfully pass the dreadful CILS B1 Cittadinanza with ease!

Step 3

Step 3

We will make a final call just you and me

To better prepare you for the oral part of the test, in addition to the 3 Zoom Calls with the whole class and the mock written part of the test with my proprietary test…

We will have a 30-minute talk in which we will simulate the actual oral part of the exam.

So I can prepare you for the October 19th exam without any worries!

How much does it cost to study the exam with me?


Normally, studying for the exam with me in 3 sessions on Zoom is worth 247€.

In addition to this, you have to add my written test worth 97€.

And the final bonus exam simulation (worth 97€) that I have decided to add to all those who register before September 19th.

For a total course fee of 441€ to secure your certification in just 30 days.

But relax, this is not the price you will pay today

Since it is so close and I realize that many of you really need this certification….

I have decided to offer this pathway at a much lower price.

You will then have:

✅ 3 Group Lessons of 60 minutes (value €247)

✅ Mock written test (value 97€)

✅ 1 Private Lesson of 30 minutes* (value 97€)

*including oral test simulation

Not at 441€ which would be the full price…

Nor at 241€, which would already be a big discount.

But you will get all this for only…

B1 CILS Cittadinanza Course

  • 3 Group Lessons of 60 minutes (value €247)
  • Mock written test (value 97€)
  • 1 Private Lesson of 30 minutes (value 97€)
  • 5 seats available

How have people who have already studied with me been doing?

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Fino al 19 Settembre. Il corso è pensato per superare il CISL B1 Cittadinanza del 19 Ottobre. Non possiamo perdere tempo!

Approximately 40 days later you can go to the Siena University for Foreigners website and print the exam results that you can already use to apply for citizenship, and after 90 days the certificate will be ready.

  • 3 Zoom Classes of 60 minutes each; Presentation of the exam; Simulations and collective exercises on listening and reading tests; Grammar lessons with material provided by me.

  • Written tests assigned by Annalisa, which you can safely complete at home

  • 1 Zoom Class of 30 minutes 1-on-1 with Annalisa to prepare the last things.

If you have any questions remaining, please write to us at learnitalianwithannalisa@gmail.com. A team member will answer all your questions.

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